Arm Pump & how you can use your Myoball to treat it

arm pump myoball

So, what is arm pump? The technical name for the condition is Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS) of the forearm, more commonly known as arm pump. Arm pump is a clinical condition which occurs when an individual experiences pain in the forearms during or after exercise or exertion. This pain is experienced from the muscles of the forearm swelling which affects the blood flow to the muscle and causes oxygen levels to drop.

Arm pump


Who gets it?

Arm pump commonly affects young adults and predominantly young men. It is commonly associated with motorsports such as motocross and other forms of road racing but is not limited to these. Other sports which individuals may experience arm pump could be paddling, weightlifting, rock climbing just to name a few. Riders taking part in motocross and road racing are particularly susceptible due to the combination of prolonged periods of extremely tight grip, vibration and repeated wrist movements to control the throttle. 



How can you beat arm pump?

This is where the Myoball really comes into its own. By combining the benefits of traditional myofascial release (massage) and ice (cryotherapy) we have developed the perfect tool to help target arm pump. Ice is a great tool to help your forearms recover by reducing swelling and inflammation, while massage will help to break up the toxins and move the blood through the muscle relieving tension.

Stretching: Just like any other muscle group, your forearms benefit from regular stretchingStretch out your forearms often and you'll increase their flexibility, giving you more control over your upper body in a workout and reducing your risk of injuring yourself through overtraining or hyperflexion.

Myoball Forearm 

Let’s break it down.


  • Cold can reduce inflammation.
  • Cold can treat existing injuries.
  • Cold is best applied within the first 24 hours of a workout or injury.


  • Heat relaxes muscles.
  • Heat helps to promote blood flow which means your muscles get oxygen and nutrients.
  • Heat is best applied after the initial 24 hours of injury.

No matter what your situation is, with a Myoball you will always be in control and ready to treat your injury or muscle soreness. Anytime, anywhere – Myoball is recovery reinvented.

We recommend our Twin Pack of Myoballs for those serious about their recovery.

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